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GMI-UK runs a Nursery, Primary and High school in Paminano, just outside Gulu – Northern Uganda, with our partners James and Phoebe Ochan. Nearly 600 children attend our Nursery and Primary schools, and 300 in our High school (years 7 to 10). January 2020 saw the start of building two classrooms for our “A” Level Students.

The curriculum consists of Maths, English, Science and religious studies lessons. The school also enjoys play sessions with outdoor activities including football where they have had tournaments with neighbouring schools.
Pupils are now regularly graduating from infant to primary school, and to our high school in nearby area. These are really joyous occasions, not only for the children, but for the families and community of Paminano, a village that has been through so much pain and suffering after the war that took place there, a village which can now look forward to their children receiving the education they so desperately need for them to have hope and a future. We are therefore asking people to assist us in developing this work. We would like to have every age covered right through to University for 18 year olds.

Bethel Christian School in Paminano is registered with the British Council, and is working together in partnership with schools in the UK to help enrich each others curriculum and build an understanding of different cultures and education.

 Social Action


Hello, my name is Akello Nancy I live in a small village called Koch in Northern Uganda not far from South Sudan border. In January a muzungu (white man) came to my village and told me I should drink clean water. We took our water from the stream. He said he would find someone to help us and in May some people dug a well and now we have clean water. It has made such a difference to our village. I no longer have frequent stomachaches and my skin is smoother as I can bathe in clean water, the private parts no longer itch after bathing. The soap that I use to wash my clothes last longer now and my clothes are cleaner. All is good with the pans we use for cooking also, there is no longer slippery looking soil at the base and I don’t have to walk so far to fetch water for my family. Thank you for caring for me. Nancy x

We currently provide fresh water wells in communities where the need is greatest. We work in partnership with Gulu District Council in order to identify these communities. GMI also provides oxen and farming equipment to communities enabling resurgence of local agriculture and building of self sustenance and economy.

Health Care & Community Growth

The churches in Northern Uganda are working together to make a difference in their communities. They are proactive in helping GMI find communities to aid and support.
We are working on projects to provide huts for living in and buildings for churches. GMI are also working with developing small enterprises and encouraging local people to develop business ideas such as selling rice, construction and gardening services.

Our Health & Hygiene programme involves educating communities in the importance of basic hygiene procedure and providing necessary practical resources such as soap, vaseline and mosquito nets. As part of this programme we train and resource local men in building projects to improve their latrine facilities; once again helping develop local business and economy.
We have worked in partnership with PONT, Mbale providing training in primary health care to 30 communities in the Gulu district, along with providing emergency transport in the form of some really cool motorbike ambulances provided by the Rotary Club UK.motorbike-ambulance-2


GMI-UK are passionate about enabling and empowering adults and young people to serve the disadvantaged communities in Northern Uganda, through mission and practical works.

Charity Status

We are a Registered Charity Reg. No: 1136683

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