Nov ’13 update

Just to keep you updated this years team of 15 have arrived safely in Gulu, have settled in and acclimatised, been out to a fantastic graduation celebration which took most of the day yesterday (!) and spent some exciting times in some different churches today. Below are some snippets from various facebook comments by members of the team.

“We have finally arrived in Gulu after a long hot, and dusty drive. We have seen the Nile and baboons and have eaten a lovely buffet at the Acholi Inn. We are looking forward to marching with a band tomorrow.

“Amazing time at Bethel school graduation today. Marched to the school led by marching band and baton twirler. Children all very smart in their red outfits and mortorboards. Lots of speeches (Helen’s was ace) and very excited proud parents, and presents for the children (a chicken appears to be customary!). Super well done to the gmi team and everyone involved with the school, which after only a few years is at the heart of the community. ..Currently cowering inside from thunderstorm… Drew :o)

“Today we attended a graduation ceremony at Bethel Christian School,this is a ceremony for children that graduated from kindergarten to primary school,we were guest of honour.
Well it was a day filled with fun and joy seeing this little kids marching about three miles to the school,which we joined,and sharing this experience with some proud parents and families
This is a community that has suffered over two decade of civil war,were most of their children were abducted and turned into child soldiers,now they can attend school without the fear of any of those horrible things happening to them.
The school was built with the determination and grit to fund raise the money by Helen and Steve Lock and their friend in the UK.
Now the charity Gulu Mission Initiative is supporting the running of the school and the training and accommodation of the teachers,to give hope to a better life to these children and their families.

“The team were split into 2 teams. one ministered at Soul Gospel centre in the centre of Gulu with Gerald Coates . The other team was led by Drew Firth who did his first ever preach in Gulu and spoke incredibly well. Tasha and Jenny prayed for healing for a lady with HIV aids and the lady went away rejoicing!The team have rested this afternoon by playing volleyball in the hotel pool ready for a full on week starting tomorrow. looking forward to what God will do next week.

… So will keep you updated as I get more news and hopefully some pics soon.

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