Tuesday 26th Nov

Today we ran the second day of the pastors training . More people came today about 175. It was very hot to thank God for the sun shades the team had erected.

We started with some lively worship followed by Gerald giving an overview of the bible and Sam sharing about the kingdom of God. Then we got everyone to break into groups and share what they wanted God to do for them. it was amazing to see everyone praying for each other and sharing testimonies.

I am really enjoying it although it is demanding and we have to be really flexible as in Uganda plans are always subject to change. I am really about my comfort zone and so far not sinking, Nigel Daly

…and at school

Today we made crowns with the younger children and they were able to decorate them with gems, they loved them so much that they wore them all day. The older lesson went much better today and we taught them the story of Jesus feeding the 5000, we let them eat fish and bread and they loved it. I feel that today was a very successful day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s lessons.

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