Summer 2019

May 18th was the start of a new life for Collins and Allison. We are so
happy to pass on the news that they married after meeting each other
on our 2017 trip. Romance has indeed blossomed and I’m sure you will
join the GMI trustees in wishing them both, congratulations and best
wishes for the future.

Collins is the dormitory administrator, at our Primary school in
Paminano near Gulu in Northern Uganda while Allison is a graphic designer who has been involved with GMI for a number of years and has designed our current information brochure. She is also our child sponsor administrator alongside Dani Dew.


What an amazing day was spent on February 3rd in Gulu. It started with
officially meeting and greeting clergy of all descriptions and then taking
part in a convoy like something out of – well that 1978 film, ‘Convoy’,
taking us to the celebrations at the local football stadium, with
temperatures soaring to 39



Back in 2017, we reported on a trip we took with a team of 18 people where we went out into the rural areas around Paminano – where Bethel school is located. We went to these small communities with a simple gospel message. Many people believed our message and joined the church. One of
these communities was Rwotobilo where one of those 2017 converts met was a young man called Simon-Peter (seriously!) During
this recent trip we revisited Rwotobilo, where not only is Simon-Peter growing in his new faith, but the local church there has both built and outgrown their own church building as more and more people are
coming to faith.

The miracle of water! It was at this visit to Rwotabilo to that we coincidentally ‘happened’ to give some donated life straws. These things are amazing. They enable people to drink dirty water which is filtered through the straw. Unbeknown to us, their village water supply had recently broken and they were once again drinking from the putrid streams. I have never believed in coincidence and loved just being in the right place at just the right time with just what was needed! (it was funny though, coz they asked us to demonstrate how the larger community ones
worked, which we didn’t have a clue!)


To think back ten years when we first literally stumbled across the tiny
community of Paminano with its history of civil war, child abduction and pain; who could have dreamed at what has been accomplished through the love and commitment of our partners in Uganda and support from around the world. This little school, in the middle of rural Africa, has the second-best exam results in Acholi and is the ranked 271st best school in the whole of Uganda – that’s out of 15,871 primary schools! Not bad!!
Recognising this achievement, the local education board have asked
James and Phoebe to take over running 2 of their failing schools, which is another amazing accolade for our partners in Gulu.

… and then there’s the High School. Further building has taken place
with dormitories for the boys and girls being completed along with a
new science block allowing extra accommodation for our growing school. The reputation of the school means that growth exceeds the capability of provision and we’re doing all we can with limited resources.

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