Extended Visits

During your extended time on this program you will have the unique opportunity of working alongside Pastor James Ochan and our team in Uganda. James oversees 252 churches and their communities. He is a passionate man of God with a great vision for Northern Uganda.

You will be interacting with local people and local churches, learning about their communities, listening to their stories and testimonies following the war and enjoying some of the traditions of Uganda.

Along with this you will be interacting with children at Bethel Christian School, this will include some teaching and playing games with the children.

Your time out will also see you involved in different social action projects, these range from building fresh water bore holes, building traditional mud huts or farming the land, helping the local communities become more self sufficient.

With our new exciting Primary Health Project started in 2013 there is also now the opportunity to visit communities and experience the beginnings of this vital area of care utilizing gifts you may already possess or inspiring your own future personal development in the area of healthcare.

Whether you choose to take part in a three, six, nine or twelve month program you are guaranteed a life changing experience that will shape you and your future.

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