Our Aims

Gulu Mission Initiative is a not for profit charitable organisation working alongside the disadvantaged communities in Northern Uganda that have been affected by the long running war that continues now in Sudan and the DRC.

As a result of the war families have been forced to flee their communities and live in Internally Displaced People Camps (IDP camps), where living conditions are appalling with no running water and little food or sanitation.

The Ugandan Government have recently been encouraging communities to return to their villages as the fighting has moved further north, and so the IDP camps are being demolished. The immediate problem this incurs is the state of their community when they return.

Gulu Mission Initiative is working alongside families and local leaders in Paminano, just outside Gulu, to help rebuild their lives.

A major project we are entering into is building education facilities in the village of Paminano, so that the affected children of the war can receive a much needed education. We are working with children and families that have been traumatised by the war, and counselling is a vital part of this education, this is something the school provides to bring about change and move this community forward.

We need your help in order to see Northern Uganda rebuilt and redeveloped following the fighting which ended there in 2007.

We work in three areas:

  1. Education
  2. Community Growth
  3. Social Action projects

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