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Steve Lock

“Hi there I’m Steve, one of the directors of Gulu Mission. My passion is to help young people here in the UK to realise that they can make a difference in the lives of people affected by the horrors of what’s been happening in Northern Uganda over the last twenty something years.

I’ve been taking groups of young people to Gulu to really get their hands dirty helping, doing all sorts of things from teaching English to painting classrooms, and playing “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?” with the children, to building toilets! The young people have all ‘had the most amazing time’ and have come back with a different perspective on the world. Some have gone on to start major fund raising initiatives for us, even starting ‘a GMI juniors’ team others have made return trips.

Why not join us on one of our next ones?”

Helen Lock

I’m Helen, I’m married to Steve and we have 4 children, 3 of whom are now adults. I first visited Uganda in 2002 and have returned many times since. I’m passionate about helping the disadvantaged children and their families in Northern Uganda, an area that was devastated by 24 years of civil war, to give the children an education and a hope for the future, which each child deserves. I work as a receptionist in a doctors’ surgery and also for Care for the Family, an organisation in the U.K. supporting families.

John Hornsby

I’m John and have taken on the role of treasurer. I am married to Margaret, and we have two grown-up children. I am the treasurer at Gilgal Baptist Church in Porthcawl, where Steve is the Associate Pastor which is how I got to know him and Helen and learned about the amazing work with which they are involved in Northern Uganda.

After obtaining a maths degree, I enjoyed a 34 year career with Tata Steel UK Ltd (formerly British Steel), working initially in IT and then in Finance Management. I retired in 2014 and am now filling my time with a variety of charitable work, being also the treasurer of a second charity, namely the Bridgend Foodbank, and chairman of a third, Porthcawl YMCA.

Drew Firth

Drew, you should come to Uganda with us’, she said.  ‘You can play with the school children and go to the pastor’s conference!’ she said.

‘She’, was Helen. That was 2013. And ‘go to’ the pastor’s conference quickly turned into preaching at the pastor’s conference!

I’m so glad it did.

The people of Gulu have been through a lot.  I studied history at Uni, but if you’re not into history books just watch, The Last King of Scotland and you’ll start to get the idea.

GMI is doing amazing work supporting local Ugandans to rebuild their communities, and I feel privileged to be a small part of that.

Do you believe every child has a right to healthcare and an education?  If you are nodding right now, please get in touch via the website – I’d love to chat to you about how you can be involved.

Fiona Brind                   

‘We should go for a coffee sometime’ were Helen Lock’s words to me one day in autumn 2016. That quickly became ‘You should come to Uganda with us’ and so my journey with G.M.I. began in July 2017 with my first visit to Gulu. I have returned every year since! With a background in education, my heart has always been first and foremost to see children and young people making a faith commitment to Jesus and to see them whole-heartedly following him, being mentored and discipled along the way, and secondly to see them empowered for life through the benefits of education. G.M.I. is passionate about both of these. My involvement in Gulu has mainly been with classroom teaching in Gulu Bethel Christian school, encouraging and supporting the incredibly dedicated staff at the school, running a Holiday Bible Club, visiting families in the community and sharing in the activities in Soul Gospel Centre. It was a joy to accept the invitation to join G.M.I. as a trustee in November 2019 and I look forward to serving with them mainly in the areas of fund-raising and child sponsorship.

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