Mission Trips

Why not visit us yourself?

We can assist you in putting together a Social Action trip to the Northern area of Uganda, which will involve some hands on Social Action work in the communities most affected and in need, and a trekking period in some of the most amazing countryside in the world. You would have the opportunity to literally get your hands dirty, digging bore holes, renovating buildings and latrines, teaching in schools and health education programmes, painting or ploughing.

Why would I go on mission?

Missions are all about serving; the giving of yourself, your time, your gifts and talents, and spending it empowering, teaching, ministering to people less fortunate than ourselves.

Be inspired and challenged as you join one of our teams on serving in a community where devastation, poverty and grief were once at the centre.

Mission trips involve youth conferences, leadership training conferences, church events, ministering to villagers, sharing with former child soldiers, teaching at Bethel Christian School, HIV/Aids seminars, health & hygiene programmes. A whole variety of opportunities await you, whether you feel you can give anything or nothing, just being a part of a team and stepping out in a third world country speaks volumes to the many you come in contact with.

Being part of a ‘mission’ is an exciting and emotional experience, one that will change your life forever.


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