Speaking Engagements

Speaking out about the issues facing people in Gulu is a way of encouraging Christians to share God’s concern for a suffering world. When you present a challenge and give your listeners a way to meet it, you banish guilt or apathy, and leave people feeling inspired and empowered. They – like us – become part of a miracle.
Gulu Mission Initiative would love to come to your church, school, business or organisation and talk about its work with war orphans and the suffering that we are helping relieve in Northern Uganda.


We do not charge anything to come and speak at your event. However we ask that you would consider making a gift to the organisation that will allow us to expand our ministry if you are able to.


Either Liz, Steve or Helen will come and talk to you and will be accompanied by a second person in order to provide resources for people to support the work we are doing if they so choose.